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IDBF Hall of Fame

The International Dragon Boat Hall of Fame recognises and celebrates the outstanding achievements of the people who have made a significant contribution to the sport of dragon boat. Whether it is their excellence on the water or their efforts behind the scene, they have demonstrated their commitment to building our sport and inspired others to achieve their best.

How to Apply

  1. Read the below information or download the Hall of Fame Information sheet (PDF) 

  2. Complete the Nomination Form (Word)

  3. Submit the completed Nomination Form with supporting documents to: by 15 January 2023

Nominations are now open for 2023

Key Dates

  • Nominations open - October 2022

  • Nominations close - 15 January 2023

  • Review of nominations and shortlisting - February 2023

  • List of finalists announced - March 2023 

  • Hall of Fame winners announced - August 2023
    (Awards will be presented in person at the 2023 WDBRC in Pattaya, Thailand)



  • Female 

  • Male


  • Official 

  • Coach

  • Sport developers (leaders)

Selection Criteria


  • An individual athlete who has achieved outstanding and extraordinary success internationally; demonstrates exemplary values and/or personal characteristics, and makes a defining contribution to sport and/or community.

  • Must be in good standing with the IDBF i.e. no outstanding disciplinary actions.

  • Must have retired from competing in the premier division in international competition for at least 2 years - inductees may still be competing at another level.


  • An individual who has made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to Dragon Boat sport other than as a competitor; 

  • Demonstrates exemplary values and/or personal characteristics, and makes a defining contribution to sport and/or society. 

  • Builder nominees may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration.

Selection Panel

  • The process to select individuals for induction into the IDBF Hall of Fame is managed by the IDBF Hall of Fame Selection Panel and is approved by the IDBF Executive Committee. 

  • The selection panel shall consist of 3-5 individuals with extensive historical knowledge of the sport including tradition, history, events, and competitors and whose integrity are most likely to ensure fair and non-biased assessment of eligible nominations.

  • There should be a balanced regional and gender representation on the panel. 

  • Members of the Selection Panel will serve for a maximum of 6 years with replacements named as required.

Nomination Process

  • Nomination forms will be available on the IDBF website and will be accepted up to one year prior to the World Nation Championship. 

  • The Selection Panel will review all the nominations and select the most worthy candidates.  

  • The Selection Panel may also recommend individuals that they feel are deserving. 

  • Nominees will be considered for induction in the year nominated, and, if requested by the nominator, for up to two successive inductions thereafter. 

  • In the event that a nominee is not selected for induction within three inductions, the nomination will be declared inactive and may be resubmitted after this time period has elapsed.

  • Deceased individuals are eligible for consideration.

  • A maximum of 3 pages of documentation may accompany each nomination.

Selection Process

  • A maximum of six (6) candidates may be inducted in each biennial period, except for the inaugural year of 2021. 

  • Efforts will be made to ensure a regional and gender balance.

  • There are no automatic inductions.

  • In selecting the inductees, the Selection Panel will consider the following: 

1.    The significance and scope of their achievements
2.    Their dedication to the sport of dragon boat
3.    Level of excellence achieved. 

  • The Selection Panel, after review of the submitted nominations, may solicit additional nominations and support if they feel that that one of the following situations exists: 

1.    There are no nominations for a particular category 
2.    There are nominations that do not meet the general guidelines including gender and regional representation.


The Selection Panel will seek to select inductees based on consensus.

The handling of nominations will be in accordance with IDBF’s privacy policy.

Enquiries: Chair, IDBF Hall of Fame Selection Panel


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