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19th Ordinary Congress of IDBF Members - Elections

NEWS RELEASE (#2022-06) | 14 August 2023

Executive committee on stage at the 19th Ordinary Congress of IDBF Members

Congratulations to the following who were recently elected at the 19th Ordinary Congress of the IDBF.

  • President - Claudio Schermi (ITA)*

  • Treasurer - Loretta Lewis (AUS)*

  • Entourage Chair - Barbara Michaels (USA)

  • Competition & Technical Commission Chair - Melanie Cantwell (AUS)

  • Marketing & Media Commission Chair - Belinda Chung (AUS)

  • Medical & Sports Science Commission - Bridget Walter (CHE)

Franco Siuchong (TTO) will take on the role of Deputy Treasurer*.

The IDBF Executive Committee and Congress thanked Mike Thomas and Alan van Caubergh for their many years of dedication and service to the IDBF and wish them well in their retirement.

*from 1 January 2024.



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