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SportAccord and Athletes World Foundation Announce Strategic Alliance

Press Release from SportAccord

SportAccord and Athletes World Foundation (AWF) have signed a strategic alliance with the aim of contributing to the academic development of youth globally, through the attribution of academic scholarships to athletes affiliated with SportAccord members. Formed under the category of Child and Youth Development within the Social Responsibility Unit, the alliance is a demonstration of SportAccord´s commitment to providing development opportunities for athletes, particularly women.

A sustainable lifestyle post sporting career is a key objective for any athlete. Without higher education too many athletes are experiencing a narrow pathway of opportunity in securing an enjoyable working future. Obtaining higher education is paramount in improving the skill set of retiring athletes and providing long term returns of social and economic benefit to the communities that once supported the athletes. Through this strategic alliance, SportAccord invites its members to contact AWF for any issue relating to athlete education and career development. Providing education for athletes in the form of Sport Scholarships enables the athlete to maximise their potential of succeeding in the professional arena, whilst providing the athlete with a peace of mind for life after sport. Evidence of the overwhelming demand is reflected in over 50,000 student athletes independently applying for assistance to AWF platforms since early 2012.

AWF Executive Vice President, Ash Smith expressed "SportAccord provides a platform of professionalism and offers strategic efficiency in the expansion of our Education through Sport campaign. Together, SportAccord and AWF will provide guidance and educational opportunities to qualifying student athletes."

"SportAccord welcomes this alliance with the Athletes World Foundation where a particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of young females to be provided with educational opportunities that will instill confidence and encourage them to understand the positive change they can contribute to their sport, their community and the world as leaders" noted SportAccord Director-General Vincent Gaillard.

Communication and collaboration with the student athlete is key in deliverance of this global solution. As the campaign expands, Athletes World Foundation aims to strategically align with all International and National Sports Federations who understand the importance of providing Education through Sport to their member athletes. For more information, please visit

Please note that any potential applicants should contact their IDBF Member , who will then forward any applicants to the IDBF for submission to Sportaccord. Under no circumstances should paddlers make direct contact with Sportaccord, as they will automatically reject any such approach.

About SportAccord

SportAccord is the official governing body to unite and support its Member International Sports Federations and Organisations for the co-ordination and protection of their common aims and interests in international sport.

About Athletes World Foundation

Athletes World Foundation is an independent, separately constituted, non-profit organisation, working to assist qualifying student-athletes by providing access to education through the practice of sports within their global university network. For more information, please visit

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