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2014 IDBF World Cup - All Set To Go In Fuzhou, China - Top Nations Invited

The IDBF is pleased to announce that the inaugural IDBF WORLD CUP will take place in Fuzhou, China, over a 3 day period which will include the Dragon Boat Festival, Double Fifth Day of 2 June 2014.

World-wide live television coverage of the event will be provided by Chinese Central Television´s Sports Channel (CCTV 5), the IDBF´s media partner, with web streaming coverage on IDBF television through Live Stream, New York.

The top ten Nations and Territories from the Premier Division at the 2013 World Championships in Szeged and four ´Wild Card Nations´ selected by the IDBF, will compete with their representative Teams against Team China, over five (5) different race distances - a Dragon Boat Penthalon, over the three World Cup days, with the Double Fifth Day being the highlight day.

The competing Teams will be fully hosted in China, for 5 days, with a subsidy of around 30% of travel costs for Teams travelling to China. Sponsorship for the balance of air fares is being sought but is not guaranteed. Teams with potential sponsors who might cover such costs should contact the IDBF Executive President to discuss possible promotional returns for a sponsor at the event and with CCTV.

Prize money will be given to all the World Cup Teams ranging from approx USD 12000.00 for the winning Team, down to USD 2000.00 for the fifteenth placed Nation.

The World Cup will be for Premier Mixed Teams in the Standard Boat over three competitons but Teams will be split into Men´s and Women´s crews, for two Small Boat competitons, therefore a ´Team´ will compete in both IDBF Spec Standard and Small Racing Dragon Boats. A Team will be 26 people in total 12 Men and 12 Women Racers (each with 10 paddlers, 1 Helm, 1 Drummer) plus 2 Team Officials - IDBF Regulations for Mixed Crews Racing will still apply.

In a special format designed for TV, the World Cup will be contested over 100, 200, 400, 500, and 1000m. The 1000m will be a circular race around the outside of the 200m racing course, with four turns. and Two (2) Teams Racing at a time. Each Team will race with an Open and Women´s Small Boat Crew, in head to head ´pursuit races´ over the 1000m, with the top 8 Teams qualifying for the Semi Finals.

The four (4) crews (Two Teams) in each race, will start at different points on opposite sides of the course but each Team of two (2) crews will have the same finish line. The times of the Open and Women´s crews will be added together to give the ´Team Times´ for each head to head race.

Other race variations in the World Cup are 100m round robin ´head to head´ Mixed Team races in the Standard Boat and 400m Relay Races for Small Boat Men´s and Women´s crews, again racing as a 2 Crew Team in ´head to head´ races, each crew racing a 200m leg. Straight Standard Boat Racing for Mixed Teams, over the normal 200m and 500m racing format will complete the World Cup competitions.

World Cup Medals will be awarded to the top three (3) Crews in each competition (7 in total) with World Cup Team Points being awarded for all five race distances. That is, the Standard Boats will gain points as a complete Team and for the Small Boats the final Team Times, from the Men´s and Women´s Small Boat crews will give a Team Points score for that competition.

The Team with the highest overall points score at the end of 3 days of intense top class Dragon Boat Racing, will be the IDBF 2014 World Cup Winners !

IDBF 2014 World Cup Points Table

World Cup Points will be awarded to the same format as the IDBF Nations Cup at the World Championships. For the World Cup the Team Points for each competition will be as follows:

1st Place = 19 points.

2nd Place = 16 points.

3rd Place = 14 points.

4th Place = 12 points.

5th Place = 11 points.

6th Place = 10 points.

7th Place = 09 points.

8th Place = 08 points.

9th Place = 07 points.

10th Place = 06 points.

11th Place = 05 points.

12th Place = 04 points.

13th Place = 03 points.

14th Place = 02 points.

15th Place = 01 point.

As the hosting Country China will compete with two Teams in each competition and both Teams may win medals in but only the highest scoring China Team in each competition, will count for World Cup points.

IDBF 2014 World Cup Invited Teams

The IDBF Members shown below on the Primary List will be invited to send a Representative Team to compete in the 2014 IDBF World Cup. Teams must confirm by Friday 31 January 2014 whether or not they will compete in the World Cup, with a Mixed Team of 26 people - 12 Men, 12 Women Racers and 2 Team Officials.

Primary List IDBF Members who DO NOT respond by 31 January 2014, will have their invitation withdrawn and Teams on the Reserve List will be invited to compete in the World Cup instead.

Reserve List IDBF Members are also asked to indicate, by 31 January 2014 whether or not they can compete, subject to any Primary List Teams not being able to attend the World Cup

All IDBF Members accepting the inviatation to take part in the World Cup are expected to compete with their strongest possible Team of Premier Division paddlers.

Primary List

Teams to confirm their ATTENDANCE or NOT by 31 January 2014:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • China

  • Czech Republic

  • Germany

  • Hungary

  • Macau

  • Philippines

  • Ukraine

  • United States

  • French Polonesia (Tahiti Neu)

  • Ghana

  • Great Britain

  • Russia

  • Thailand

Reserve List

Teams to confirm their ability to attend as a replacement Team by 31 January 2014

  • Chinese Taipei

  • Hong Kong

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Poland

  • Puerto Rico

  • Trinidad and Tobago

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