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Paradragon Supplementary Information Bulletin - 12th IDBF CCWC

The information in this Bulletin supplements that previously provided by Information Bulletin No. 1 regarding Paradragon events at the 12th IDBF Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships. The IDBF encourages all member nations to actively promote Paradragon participation from clubs within their federations. Racing Categories In order to attract maximum participation, IDBF has decided to offer only the PD2 race category (i.e. where only about half of the paddlers need to be para athletes) at the 12th IDBF Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships. Read more. Certificate of Diagnosis In order to satisfy IDBF race rules, each Paradragon paddler must submit a ‘Certificate of Diagnosis’ to IDBF. This certificate must be signed by a registered medical practitioner, as well as by the individual. Other Information

Other supplementary information relating to Paradragons including club eligibility, scoring of individual competitors, audits, adaptations, and timeline can also be found in the Supplementary Information Bulletin - Paradragons (full version).

Paradrgon Enquiries Any matters or questions arising from this Bulletin should be directed in the first instance to Nigel Bedford, Chair IDBF Para Athletes Commission at

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