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Review of Championships Schedule

NEWS RELEASE (#2020-04) | PDF version (68KB)

The IDBF Executive continues to meet regularly to discuss the possible rescheduling of championships in the current program. At this stage, no date has been set for when the next Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) will be. This is yet to be determined.

There are many moving parts to organising championships and a multitude of factors to be considered. The views of athletes and organising committees remain integral to the decision-making process of the IDBF.

We are still in consultation with athletes, national dragon boat federations and championship organisers to determine the impacts that potential future dates may have on their plans. Some of the issues raised include:

  • Athletes have expressed the opinion that they are unable to do two world championships in a year

  • Working around continental and national championships already scheduled in 2021

  • Potential clash with exam time for Juniors, U18 and U24

  • Operational and logistical challenges for organising committees

The IDBF understands and appreciates that compromises and adjustments might need to be made. The rescheduling of championships may mean additional costs to qualifying clubs, organising committees and the IDBF. We are looking into those in great detail.

To ensure you receive accurate updates about CCWC and other IDBF Championship events, please follow and share only official news from the IDBF or your national dragon boat federation.

Thank you for your patience and resilience during these difficult times.

We wish you all a safe and happy Easter.

Mike Thomas

IDBF President




International Dragon Boat Federation

See past IDBF news releases on COVID-19.

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