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Longzhou Newsletter June 2020 (Issue 3 Vol 3)

Longzhou newsletter front cover June 2020 edition

Celebrating 25 years - 1st IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships, Yueyang, China

慶 祝 2 5 年 來 ⾸ 屆 國 際 ⿓ ⾈ 錦 標 賽 中 國 岳 陽

Welcome to a very special edition of Longzhou News. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1st IDBF World Dragon Boat Championships held on 13-19 June 1995 in Yueyang, China. The birth place of dragon boating.This edition includes recollections from Mike Thomas who partnered with Zhou Liwei as joint Chief Officials. Liu Yaozong and Zhou Liwei recount the magnificent Opening Ceremony. An International Race Official's 'first trip to China'. Paddlers from 1995 share their fond memories and life in the sport. Enjoy the pictorial highlights of the Championships.

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