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IDBF Announces 2023 Hall of Fame Inductees

NEWS RELEASE (#2022-04) | 24 July 2023

The International Dragon Boat Federation is thrilled to announce the inductees to the IDBF Hall of Fame for 2023.

Zhang Faqiang – Developer Category

  • Former Chairman of the International Dragon Boat Federation, the Asian Dragon Boat Federation, and the Chinese Dragon Boat Association.

  • Secured inclusion of dragon boat as an official competition event in numerous important multi-sport games in Asia including Asian Olympic Games.

  • Central to the successful campaign in 2007 to have the International Dragon Boat Federation accepted as a full member of Sport Accord

Dr. Raymond Ma – Developer Category

  • Involved in dragon boating in Hong Kong since 1988 and was previously member of the Hong Kong National team

  • Honorary President of Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association (HKCDBA) since 2021, the President from 2017 to 2021 and the Chairman from 2009 to 2017

  • Elected as Vice President of IDBF in 2012 and in 2014 he became the Senior Vice President

  • Raymond is an invaluable part of the management group at World Championships

Alan van Caubergh – Developer Category

  • Officiated at every championship since the late nineties

  • Member of the IDBF Competition & Technical Commission and for many years managed the role of Equipment Secretariat approving specification with manufacturers for boats

  • Delivered many officials’ courses throughout the world and assisted with exams and training at World Championships

  • Treasurer of the European Dragon Boat Federation and the International Dragon Boat Federation. He is currently an EDBF Honorary President and member of the IDBF Executive Committee

Andrea Dillon – Coach Category

  • Leader and motivator in Dragon Boat for over 40 years including coaching at nine of the 13 IDBF World Championships

  • Established the first Dragon Boat Club (False Creek Racing and Canoe Club 1985) in North America and the first Women's Crew in Canada

  • Facilitates Dragon Boat Canada's Coach Certification courses and is a contributor and committee member overseeing the revision of the DBC Coach Accreditation program

Dr. Robert McNamara – Coach Category

  • Has coached and paddled in every IDBF World Championship since its inception in 1995

  • His teams have won 148 medals, including 38 gold medals at IDBF World Championships

  • Has chaired the International Dragon Boat Federation Medical Science and Sports Commission and previously chaired this body

The International Dragon Boat Hall of Fame aims to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of the men and women who have made a significant contribution to the sport of dragon boat.


Enquiries Chair, IDBF Hall of Fame Selection Panel Email:


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