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1st WADBF Club Crew Dragon Boat Championships 2015

Dear Dragon Boat Friends,

I am happy to inform you that Mr. Mike MacKeddieHaslam, the IDBF President, has notified the Iran Dragon Boat Association (IranDBA) that the IDBF Executive Committee has agreed to the establishment of a West and Central Asian Dragon Boat Federation (WADBF) with a Secretariat in Tehran, hosted by the IranDBA and to the holding of the 1st Congress of the WADBF on 25 May 2015 in Tehran.

Furthermore, the 1st WADBF Club Crew Dragon Boat Championships will be held in Tehran on the days immediately before the 1st Congress, from 22 to 24 May 2015.

IDBF Special Vice-President Ahmad Donyamali, will Chair a WADBF Steering Committee, with representatives drawn from the Iran DBA, IDBF Officials and other IDBF Members in the Region, to co-ordinate the 1st WADBF CCC and to formally establish the West and Central Asian Dragon Boat Federation. Therefore your clubs are kindly invited to participate in this 1st WADBF CCC and in this Bulletin you can find the most important information you need for this event.

Your Federation is also invited to attend the Congress. The IranDBA will fully host one delegate from each country to attend the Congress where the formal election of the WADBF President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General and Treasurer, will take place and the Statutes and Bye-Laws of the WADBF adopted.

Within the attached Information Bulletin, you will find entry details and logistical information about the 1st WADBF CCC and the draft WADBF Statutes and By-Laws for your perusal. Should you have any comments or suggested amendments to the Statutes and By-Laws, please submit them by email to the IDBF President at

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact IranDBA.

We hope to see you all in Tehran!

Mohammad Cany President of Iran Dragon Boat Association Ahmad Donyamali IDBF Special Vice-President

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